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Regular school attendance is necessary if your child is to perform and learn at his/her best in school. Georgia law requires that students attend school every day except when there is a valid reason for their absence. When a student is absent, the parent must send a written excuse to the student’s teacher explaining the nature of the absence. All absences will be treated as unexcused unless a written excuse is received. A written excuse is required to keep on file even if the parent calls the school on the date of the absence. The following are valid reasons for school absences:

1. Illness of child

2. Death in the family

3. Court appointment

4. Required religious observance

5. Quarantine

6. Exclusion because of exposure to a contagious disease

Any other absences are considered unexcused. Our school is required to report excessive unexcused absences to the proper agencies and officials.


Students who arrive to school after 7:45 a.m. will be considered tardy. Students should report to the office to obtain a tardy slip before going to his/her classroom. Students will not be allowed to enter class without a tardy slip. Please help your child arrive on time.