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Principal's Message

Keneithia Cook

Welcome to West Point Elementary, Home of the Bulldogs!

We are very excited about the school year and have many reasons to celebrate! West Point Elementary School is focused on learning and committed to academic excellence. Our school is staffed by highly trained and certified professionals and our students are the best around! WPES has continued the tradition of having an active Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) in addition to local community support. As the new Principal of WPES, we are committed to building a successful partnership with you and your children! We can’t do it without your support! We ask that you be involved in the day to day learning experience of your babies! We want the best for them and we are committed to making WPES a place for every kid! This year our theme is “sky is the limit!” We believe every child can learn and there are no limits to what they can achieve and accomplish when we work together for their success! Thank you for trusting us with your precious commodities! We don’t take it lightly that you believe in our school and the work we do each day for children! We have a dynamic staff that is committed to excellence and who truly make WPES a great place to spend the day! Don’t hesitate to reach out to myself and or the Assistant Principal, Mrs. Angie Smith, if you ever have any questions or concerns! We are in the business of serving children first and you as their parents/guardians! We are focused on increasing student achievement and sustaining a positive school culture. The sky is the limit to the great school year that we are embarking upon! Thank you for being here and trusting that WPES is the best place for your kid! We appreciate you! We hope to see you being actively involved this year! 

Committed to educational excellence, 

Principal, Keneithia Cook



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